Recruitment and Induction. Recruiting the most suitable persons to meet the requirements of the role and fit the organisation’s culture is a key human resource management role and skill. In times of rapid technological change and innovation, and an international shortage of skills, retaining good staff is critical. A professional induction programme is the first step in employee engagement and retention.

It is generally recognised that first impressions are central to how relationships develop. The employment relationship is no different, and the goal is to achieve the psychological engagement for new employees to feel part of the organisation by the time they go home on the first day.

How to make better hires for your business


Both small business owners and team leads in major corporations can find the hiring process a particularly challenging one. But it is one of the most important tasks for the business to continue to be successful. You simply have to do the hiring process right.

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The Employment Services Act now effective

Employment Services Act Purpose
By a Proclamation of the South African President, the Employment Services Act 4 of 2014 (ESA) came into effect from 9 August 2015. The ESA falls under the Minister of Labour and provides for public employment services. What effect will this Act have on the workplace and how will it affect the lives of human resource practitioners?
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The changing face of labour legislation

recruitment,employer,employee equity,labour relations

The recruitment industry is undergoing significant changes, driven in part by the direction that labour legislation has taken, according to Nritika Singh, MD of Isilumko Staffing (IS).

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Services SETA Vacancies

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA), a statutory body established in terms of the Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act 97 of 1998), invites applications for the positions hereunder:

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Do you look for employees with integrity?


The public broadcaster has become an open joke. Earlier this month, SABC employees were again found to have fraudulent matric documents, with more than 2 200 staffers without a shred of proof that they had passed high school.

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What is the strategic value of the Assessment Centre Approach?

assessments,talent management,recruitment,

The Assessment Centre Approach is a robust technique comprising a multiple assessment process that utilises a variety of simulations and exercises that are observed by a team of trained assessors to evaluate candidates against a number of predetermined, job related behaviours

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Number crunching vital for better recruitment results

recruitment,social media,online,campaign,

In the digital world, the old management adage, ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure,’ has taken on new meaning. Staying on top of the numbers in a social recruitment campaign is crucial to achieve the best results.

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What will the youth wage subsidy cost SA?

government,youth subsidy,support,tax,incentive,

Alleviating youth unemployment is critical in South Africa, but is the Employment Tax Incentive Bill the answer to this problem? Only time will tell if a youth wage subsidy will help to empower our youth or add further strain to the economy.

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HR must initiate assessment to source quality professionals

assessments,talent management,recruitment,

HR professionals have to conduct assessments, in conjunction with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), if they are to successfully recruit high-potential project managers and mitigate any risk to companies.

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