There is an easier way to handle paperwork

If you’re a people manager then you will understand how frustrating it can be to manage the seemingly endless reams of paperwork that are generated each day.

Keeping on top of the simplest tasks can become complicated and error prone. Whether managing 5 or 500 staff, it still involves making sure all qualifications are up to date, training requirements are met, ID cards produced and so forth.

The result is a filing cabinet as big as Kilimanjaro and you endlessly worrying if everything is in order. But as you know, that’s not the end of it! On top of making sure your personnel details are up to date, you still need to print contracts, disciplinary notices, qualifications and so on. Then you ask yourself did you receive the signed paper work or did you simply misplace it? Where did you file it? And then comes the sinking feeling of having to check again. Not only are mail merges confusing at the best of times, but how do you keep track of all the notes you need to make on each staff member? Comprehensive notes can save you time and again if a dispute arises.

If you need to report about a particular situation or details of a staff member, can you provide them in an instant? Are you confident that the staff history you have is current and complete? It’s enough to give you palpitations! There are systems out there that allow you to scan all your paperwork and save it in a particular directory. This way you know where everything is. But why not go one better. How about;

 A system that not only allows you to scan your paper work, but also allows you to generate certificates, contracts and other documents, with selected personnel details.  A system that will tell you when a staff members qualification is about to expire  A system that generates bulk ID cards.

 A system from which you can email your training provider all the training details needed.  A system that will tell you in one glance who has or has not got a particular qualification or document.

 A system that organises all documents under each staff members name.

 A system that means you know exactly where every piece of paper work is, it’s retrievable in an instant, always accessible and allows you to keep a complete history of any notes you may need to make in regards to any of your staff.

What would a solution like this mean to you? Rather than quantifying the cost savings only in the time it saves you, perhaps a better way of looking at it would be to measure the value it adds in efficiency, accountability, organisational skills and peace of mind. Operations Software is such a system which does all this and more. It has been specifically designed with you, the manager, in mind. Save yourself the agony and stress of piles of paperwork and get organised for the New Year. When it comes to keeping control of your paperwork, you do not need to work harder, just smarter with Operations Software.

By Dave Packer

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