Disputes and Strikes

Striking a blow for employers


A workforce on strike can have an unsettling impact on the corporate image of an organisation. Violent or ill-disciplined strikes can be downright disastrous for both employees and employers.

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Defining the bounds of our right to strike

Section 21 of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 states that any registered trade union may notify an employer in writing that it seeks to exercise one or more of the organisational rights conferred on it by Chapter III of the Labour Relatio

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The accountability of striking employees

In what circumstances may a group of strikers be held collectively accountable for misconduct during a strike?

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Exploring employers rights in disputes

Exploring the extension of employers right to engage in a lock out against employees who are not participating in a strike.

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Task-team moves to quell teacher tensions through HR

What if instead of complaining about teacher strikes and go-slows we listened to teacher complaints with greater respect and removed some of the burdens from principals?

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Striking the right balance

Strike season is generally a time of fear and frustration, but protesting isn’t always a negative action.

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