Are HR practitioners falling behind in eSkills?

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The University of the Western Cape (UWC) houses the Western Cape eSkills knowledge and coordination production hub, and in conjunction with the Department of Communication and the eSkills Institute, will be hosting a colloquium under the theme: Demystifying e-skills: Why should business, academia, government and civil society take e-skills seriously?

Very few people will be unaware of the impact of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) changes - even rural elderly grandmothers now receive financial donations from working urban family members via a cell phone.  Clearly  ICT is a critical element for international competitiveness.

The 2012 World Economic Forum Networked Readiness Report provides insight into South African ICT progress.  Although ranked (out of 142 countries)in the sub-Saharan region 23rd for solid political and regulatory environment, and 50th for entrepreneurship and innovation, on the benefits of ICT South Africa lies 72nd.  Why?  Firstly, high cost of accessing ICT infrastructure (82nd), but critically for HR practitioners - 94th as a result of the lack of basic skills of large segments of the population.

These ICT skills are now so critical to everyday life - all aspects of education, health and socio-economic development, that ICT (eskills) are now considered as a basic human right.

What is the contribution of human resource pratitioners, and are they playing their part in the deveopment of eskills?  The colloquium will address this question - along with an explanation of eskills, consideration of the relevance for various economic sectors, and aims to create a discussion on how we can work together to develop eskills more broadly.


Key speakers for the event are:

Ms Lucy Abrahams Director of LINK; University of the Witwatersrand (Wits)

Mr Hilton Arendse Chief-Director: Strategic ICT Services; Department of the Premier (WCG) and

Ms Mignon Hardie The FunDza Literacy Trust

The venue will be the UWC Library Auditorium on 23 November 2012 from 08h30 to 12h30.

To book your seat respond to: by Tuesday 20 November

For further details contact:

Ms Catherine Cebindevu at or on +27 21 9593680 or
Ms Colette February at or on +27 21 9593105.

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