Revealing the DNA of Great Teachers

The DNA of Great Teachers

Recently published The DNA of Great Teachers by Dr Casper Olivier provides hands-on methods to enable all teachers to become great teachers who can empower learners to become great learners. Cas started his career as a biology teacher and was a senior training advisor at the Univesity of Pretoria and Department of Labour. Since 2003 he has been a provider accredited by the ETDP SETA, mainly focusing on Facilitator, assessor and moderator training.

The book reveals a unique formula to establish great teaching and great learning. The chapters distinguish how average and great teachers interpret the curriculum differently, understand their role as teachers, enhance learning, monitor and guide learners, and finally support learners. He explains how teachers’ DNA coding does not only reverberate in teachers’ way of thinking, their use of vocabulary and teaching practices. It is also mirrored in the profile of their schools i.e. either teaching factories or learning powerhouses.

The book indicates the relationship and balance between subject and teaching knowledge and how it impacts on the quality of teaching and learning. Readers will discover the importance of individualization in the classroom and how quality teaching enables learners to gain insight and solve problems. The main argument is that constructive learning leads to less emphasis on rote learning while what is discovered and created by the learners themselves are remembered for longer.

This is not a traditional pedagogic or didactic textbook. The author uses narration, analogies, metaphors and contemporary examples to explain complex issues such as behaviourism and constructivism. The bibliography also does not follow the traditional listing of references. It is presented as a learning autobiography, the author’s own learning journey - his true curriculum which also provides proof of the impact of great teaching on learners.

HR practitioners would benefit enormously from the principles of constructive learning that are described especially for practitioners who are leading the drive for learning organisations.

For more information on the chapters, log on to The DNA of Great Teachers published 14 December 2012 by LearningDesigns, Hartbeespoort.  Pages: 117 The Paperback version is available for R150-00 and the Kindle version from Amazon at $11.99

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