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Poor air quality in the office is a productivity killer

People who work in poorly-ventilated offices with higher levels of indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2) have significantly lower cognitive functioning which severely damages their productivity.

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Three keys to cultivating a happy work environment


Creating a happy working environment is critical to productivity, employee satisfaction and profitability.

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Staff get a taste of BON hospitality

The HR team at BON Hotels are often complimented for their creative and original ideas in their approach to staff incentives and training.

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What can be done about SA's absenteeism rate?

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Reports that South Africa’s decline in global competitiveness can be attributed to a combination of absenteeism through sick days and presenteeism as a result of workers who are present but non-productive, demonstrates the importance of instituting wellness programmes.

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The hands-on approach to wellbeing and empowerment

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A new on-site solution to overworked and stressed out employees is simultaneously providing employment opportunities to women in SA.

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Workspace design linked to productivity

 Workspace set-up and decoration is directly connected to employee productivity, says JP Beukes, CEO of interior design company OnePointZero.

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Office spaces – home away from home

For five days a week, for nine to twelve hours a day, our places of employment are where most of the population spend most of their time. With mornings and afternoons spent at the office, it has become a home away from home for many people.

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Managing absenteeism to the benefit of your organisation

Employee absenteeism costs the South African economy between R12 -16 billion per annum, according to information supplied by Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA).

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Is it your job to satisfy employee needs?

Are your employees happy, content and fulfilling their desires and needs at work? Employee satisfaction plays a key role in any company and their levels of productivity. Why not make a start by investing in your employees' satisfaction and motivation?

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2012 employee assistance conference embarking on new horizons

This year, the city of Cape Town will play host to the 14th annual Employee Assistance Professionals Association of South Africa (EAPA-SA) conference to be held from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 September 2012 at NH The Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West.

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