What is HR?

What is HR?  What is the definition of Human Resource Management?  The birth of human resource management practices can probably be traced back to the industrial revolution.  Prior to that people had worked at home-based crafts, or as travelling craftsmen, or in agriculture.  The creation of work in factories meant that the relationship between management and employee needed to be managed, time-keeping records kept, and large payrolls had to be processed.

5 Funeral Cover questions you should ask

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Death may seem to some like a far-distant reality. “It happens to other people, but it won’t happen to me,” is a phrase far too many people believe.

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8 things to do when a new employee arrives

Hiring new employees is something every business has to do at some point. Whether it’s because the business itself is growing or a current employee has decided to move on. In both cases, the hiring process is never easy.

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How is digital data influencing recruitment?

Data has always been an important part of a recruiter’s candidate search.

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Employment equity problems and solutions

The 17th commission on Employment Equity Report was released last week and shows very little progress towards the achievement of change. Why is this and why are companies not responding and doing more?

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Making the shift from transactional to transformational HR

Making the shift from transactional to transformational HR South African businesses must embrace a more agile and efficient approach to their people. In an environment fraught with uncertainty and change, business leaders are faced with a mammoth task.

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EE annual report calls for harsher punishments

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The 2016 Employment Equity (EE) Annual Report for the 2015/2016 reporting year, released on 10 May 2017, showed that 68% of the South Africa's management positions are still held by white employee, while African employees occupy only 14.4% of managerial posts.

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Universum most attractive employer awards 2017

Universum Global, recognized world leaders in employer branding, announced the results of its largest ever survey into employer attractiveness amongst tertiary institution students and young professionals on May 11th 2017.

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Sexual harassment: Employers beware

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In what circumstances an employer may be held liable for sexual harassment committed by one of its employees in terms of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 (“EEA”)?


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Why offices should be more like cars

Offices would be much better places to work if they were more like cars says the Managing Director of a leading office consultancy. “New car models are often embedded with technologies that make driving easier, safer and more fun.

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Cutting the cost of public holidays

Cutting the cost of public holidays John Botes, Partner and Head of Employment and Compensation practice, Baker McKenzie (Johannesburg) A foreign business executive recently visiting our shores expressed surprise at the number of public holidays enjoyed by South Africans.

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