Job Roles

Are your employees in the wrong roles?

Organisational change is becoming a reality for more and more South African businesses, and is resulting in outplacement of employees on a regular basis – from a number of industries and sectors.

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Why ‘workforce visibility’ is a term of endearment

Workforce visibility is corporate speak for direct employee engagement and alignment, and according to HR and Human Capital Management (HCM), if implemented correctly, can be a positive force for growth within a business.

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The emerging force that is HR

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Human Resources (HR) has evolved from being ‘just another function’ in business to a highly regarded strategic force in the rapidly developing new era in commerce.

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Unlock your power by focusing on your people

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Local companies need to provide their people with the context, insights, thinking and skills they need to make the most of the tools they have to do their jobs.
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HR manager juggles careers

In light of Women’s Month, University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) 2010 MBA graduate Lebo Thagane shares her views on what it is like to simultaneously juggle two very different career fields.

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Top employers attract top performers

Research and experience is showing that employers of choice manage to attract and retain top talent by sticking to a few simple principles and embedding them throughout the company.

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Can I have my personal space, please?

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The contemporary office has taken over. We now all sit open plan, and everyone knows everything about the people around them. We have transformed how we work - and the office will never be the same again.

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Whose job is it anyway?

Defining employee roles and functions for specific projects can be a challenging task; however it is the responsibility of HR to provide a clear brief of the requirements. Here are some factors to consider when matching the right people with the right tasks.

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