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What does the future of HR hold?


The current unemployment rate in South Africa is 27,7 percent. That’s almost a third of the population.

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JUTA Head Office Cape Town Vacancy Human Resource Manager

Well known publishers JUTA and Company have a vacancy for a Human Resource Manager. Reporting to the CEO, and situated in the JUTA modern head office in the heart of the Cavendish shopping district, this represents an excellent career move for a talented human resource practitioner.
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The 13 Milestones for HR

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Professor Dave Ulrich argues that competence multiplied by commitment multiplied by contribution equals talent success, you will no doubt agree that skills development is key to human capital success.

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The top 15 competencies of great HR practitioners

If you don’t see yourself as a mentor or leader, then you have yet to fully embrace your role as a modern-day HR practitioner. The era of the glorified paper-pusher is ending as more HR practitioners are stepping out of an administrative function into a strategic advisory role.
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HR guru Dave Ulrich visits South Africa

Internationally renowned for his contribution to the field of human resource management, Dave Ulrich has been visiting South Africa to share his ideas on the future of human resource management and to inspire local practitioners.

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Bendix: Labour relations in Practice. An Outcomes-Based Approach

Not every woman is an affirmative action appointment or candidate. Neither is every black person.

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What is the point of HR?

In the past Human Resources officers were primarily responsible for issues such as employee training, selection and compensation.Today HR is seen as an executive function and is intricately involved in strategic processes. Dr.

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