Recruit with the power of text messaging

Text messaging is a powerful communication tool. If you haven't invested in a mass text messaging service to communicate with potential recruits, now is the time. Once you have the ability to communicate through bulk text messaging, you will be able to reach out to a wide range of potential job candidates within seconds.

While texting won't be the only way you reach out to recruits, it is generally the preferred method of communication for those in the work force. When you want answers quickly, texting will get you what you are looking for fast. Get ready to find the best candidates in your industry when you add in text messaging to your communication strategy.

Here’s how:

Everyone Keeps Their Cell Phone Within Arm's Reach

No one goes anywhere anymore without their cell phone. For candidates looking for a new job, keeping a cell phone close at hand makes it possible to respond to inquiries right away.

With the capability to search the internet on a smartphone, people actively seeking a job will do searches throughout the day during their down time. Texting gets results, and is the fastest, most efficient way to reach a recruit. For solid, direct communication in the workplace, text messaging is the way to go.

Recruits Tend to Prefer Text Messages

Text messaging is fast, concise and causes little disruption in a person's day. The younger crowd prefers text messaging over emails or phone calls. Some older individuals feel that text messaging is a bit unprofessional, so you'll have to know your target audience before reaching out initially through text messaging.  Texting can give you an edge when you are looking to recruit young professionals who are busy and have difficulty connecting through email or phone calls because of limited time during the day.

Text Messaging Speeds Up the Recruitment Process

Text messaging is fast. When a message is sent, most are read within a few minutes. This is so different than email, which can sit for days unopened. When you have a recruit you want to set up an interview with, or you have a few questions you need answered, text messaging can get this done for you quickly. Instead of making phone calls back and forth that go unanswered, text messages are received and answered almost immediately. Texting will definitely give you an edge when it comes to speeding up your recruitment process.

Communicate Discreetly During Business Hours

It can be difficult for a potential job candidate to communicate with you during business hours if they currently have a job. While many workers seek alternative employment while still at work, communication has to be discreet. When you send a text message to a personal cell phone, this can easily be read and answered within minutes. Phone calls can be much harder to receive, as the candidate may not be able to get away to take a call. While an email is another alternative, personal emails might not be checked by the recruit during business hours.

Text messaging gives the ability to communicate with recruits in minutes. When you want to get the best talent, it's important that you build a strong relationship as fast as possible, and texting is the perfect tool to do this!

By Ken Rhie




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