The threat of hiring the devil you don't know

The South African labour market is heavily legislated, regulating the relationship between the employer and the employee – often in favour of the employee. In any business, selecting the right candidate for a position is essential to business success.

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Do you look for employees with integrity?


The public broadcaster has become an open joke. Earlier this month, SABC employees were again found to have fraudulent matric documents, with more than 2 200 staffers without a shred of proof that they had passed high school.

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The skinny on applicant tracking systems


The number of recruitment channels has grown rapidly in recent years with candidates now coming in from corporate career websites, niche job boards, job board aggregators, Google searches, social media, as well as through traditional sourcing techniques.

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CEO CV Padding: The devil’s in the detail

The recent firing of new Yahoo!

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Guidelines for CVs

High levels of unemployment exist not only in South Africa, but also internationally. Recruiters whether internal to companies or from recruitment agencies receive large numbers of Curriculum Vitae (CV)s.

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