5 Questions every interviewer should ask

The most professional, seemingly perfect candidate seated across the interview table could turn out to be a monster employee but there is no sure way of determining who will be a good fit for your business, or is there?

Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar provides some tips on how to ask questions that reveal the truth about a potential employee. He advises recruiters, HR professionals or anyone involved in the interview process to cover these five key areas in every interview:

1. ‘Ask about their ideal position’

As a starting point allow the candidate to explain what they want from their job. Listen carefully to descriptions about job titles, daily tasks, company culture and expected compensation says Nazar. This question is useful for determining the potential compatibility between the employee and business.

 2. ‘Question their knowledge of your company’

Reading a basic job description doesn’t require much effort however candidates who researched the organisation as part of their interview preparation are more likely to have a good work ethic once they are employed. This is also an indicator of the applicant’s ‘desire to be hired’.

 3. ‘Are they able to identify their strengths and weaknesses?’

This question primarily reveals the candidates communication skills and their ability to analyse their behaviour and competency. Individuals, who cannot admit to their personal failings, even in a vague manner, are not self-reflective. Recognizing areas of weakness is an important trait in the workplace as growth and development can only take place when limitations are identified.

4. ‘Ask them to recount relevant work experiences’

Look at the results and outcomes that your company requires and ask the candidate for work experience examples that correspond with company objectives. You want to hire people who will be directly responsible for the success of business operations says Nazar.

5. ‘Determine their salary expectation’

If you don’t publicise the salary in the job advertisement make sure you find out what the candidate expects to earn during the interview. Even if you make use of recruitment agencies always ask the question yourself to make sure your expectations are aligned.



By Cindy Payle


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