Recruitment and Induction. Recruiting the most suitable persons to meet the requirements of the role and fit the organisation’s culture is a key human resource management role and skill. In times of rapid technological change and innovation, and an international shortage of skills, retaining good staff is critical. A professional induction programme is the first step in employee engagement and retention.

It is generally recognised that first impressions are central to how relationships develop. The employment relationship is no different, and the goal is to achieve the psychological engagement for new employees to feel part of the organisation by the time they go home on the first day.

The “real” value of psychometric assessment

Psychometrics have become a popular tool as part of employee selection. There is a high correlation between assessment results and performance on the job.

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How to use science and data for greater hiring success

There is a wealth of new methods, backed by research and new data sets, to inform the hiring of executive teams.

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HR professionals: how they help a company grow

Having a human resources department is now a prerequisite in any large company or business.

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Hiring managers: diversity vs first impressions

The adage that first impressions last should serve as a warning to employers seeking to improve diversity in their companies, an expert says.

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Recruit with the power of text messaging

Text messaging is a powerful communication tool. If you haven't invested in a mass text messaging service to communicate with potential recruits, now is the time.

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The threat of hiring the devil you don't know

The South African labour market is heavily legislated, regulating the relationship between the employer and the employee – often in favour of the employee. In any business, selecting the right candidate for a position is essential to business success.

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How much are bad hires costing you?

Regardless of size, geography or industry, every organisation requires exceptional talent that is both motivated and focused to deliver on customer promises. Yet, it is getting harder to recruit and retain talented, high performing employees.

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6 tips for interviewing interns

Interviewing applicants for an internship isn’t easy. They most likely don’t have any work experience. And their references and portfolio are all from their studies. There’s no way to know for sure how they’ll behave in the workplace. How are they with deadlines?

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Recruitment practices may stifle diversity

Whether organisations are using a recruitment consultancy or an internal HR department to recruit, the role of the recruiter is critical when hiring the most applicable and capable candidates.

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Ensure workplace safety with criminal checks

The average employed South African spends about eight hours per day in a work environment. It is, therefore, an expectation that employers should ensure the safety of all employees during working hours.

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