Succession Planning

​Top 5 trends that will drive the HR agenda in 2018

The relationship between employees and employers is strained. People want to feel a sense of purpose and belonging at work, but many companies are still struggling to deliver.

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Seamless talent management critical in business

Businesses will have to work harder to align their reward & remuneration process with that of their nomination/talent management capability if they are to secure and retain the services of highly qualified and talented personnel.

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Talent management is a C-suite priority

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As global competition and declining markets squeeze margins, the search for talent is becoming a top priority of the executive team.

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Succession Planning - The inside story

South Africa and many other countries around the world have recently been hard hit with the loss of senior business and political leaders through resignations and untimely deaths.

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Grow your own talent

Recruitment is often performed as a reactive task. In most cases a position develops or becomes vacant prompting HR practitioners to scout for talent outside company walls.

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