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How to negotiate the minefield that is compliance in payroll

How to negotiate the minefield that is compliance in payroll Compliance in any facet of business management is critical, but specifically when it comes to finances – hence the focus on accuracy and efficiency in payroll administration.

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HR, payroll integration at the heart of business development

To grow a business and be successful, it is crucial that the HR and payroll administration disciplines are linked.

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Make your workforce management solution work for you

The ability to effectively manage labour and all the relevant data that goes into documenting employee activity is down to what solution a business has in place.

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Payroll efficiency:It’s all down to the solution

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The payroll discipline is a critical facet of any business operation. It can make or break a business and, as such, technology is designed to help users gain full control over resources and instil efficiency.

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Making payroll count


CRS Technologies, a leading provider of HR & Payroll services and solutions, is one of a growing number of businesses that support the Payroll Giving South Africa initiative.

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Avoid errors in payroll and rest easy

Human error in payroll is a significant challenge and can cost companies millions. Fortunately, in addition to systems that help administrators and managers to prevent errors, there are processes that can be put in place to reduce the risk, say payroll experts at Accsys.

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Learners empowered through HR training

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CRS Technologies has rolled out a series of basic training modules in HR and payroll for learners at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth.

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South Africa’s maturing payroll market bodes well for economy

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Payroll in South African businesses has grown and is stealing a great deal more of the corporate limelight than has been the case in the past.

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World-class HR and payroll developed locally


South African businesses do not have to invest in international products to get to the latest and top quality technology for HR and payroll says Sandra Swanepoel, Sales Director at Sage VIP. 

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The business sense behind one provider for all functionality

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Experts within the HR and payroll administration say that from a business operational point of view, it makes a great deal of business sense to drive critical applications through a single service provider.

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