Payroll & Employee Benefits. In many smaller organisations the payroll personnel fulfill many of the human resource management functions. Most employees who wouldn’t remember the names of all the management staff will know the payroll personnel and seek them out for advice on a broad range of personnel issues that fall within the human resource management profile, including employee benefits. In larger organisations with well-developed employee benefits, managing these benefits becomes a highly specialised field requiring legal and taxation knowledge.

The national minimum wage bill

The NMW Bill has been passed by the National Assembly and sent for concurrence to the National Council of Provinces.

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Why employers should offer group life insurance policies

Why employers should offer group life insurance policies Most of us are familiar with life insurance being offered through our employer at work, but we don’t all know that it’s called group life insurance.

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Progressive parliament approves paternity leave

On 28 November 2017, Parliament passed the Labour Laws Amendment Bill (the Bill).

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Cabinet approves National Minimum Wage

Cabinet has approved the National Minimum Wage Bill, Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill and Labour Relations Amendment Bill. These bills will now be submitted to the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces for concurrence and enactment.

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Time-fillers at work

A behavioural phenomenon is the reason why people rarely finish jobs in less time allocated to them or have more money at the end of the month, even after a pay rise.

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Employee Wellness Month: Benefits vs Bucks

Employees are increasingly seeking customised benefits to suit their unique needs The traditional remuneration and benefits model has shifted significantly over the last few years, with more people viewing quality of life as paramount – and not just as measured by the size of

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Is your workplace at risk of hacking?

hacking security POPI, privacy

The past few years have seen an increasing trend in the implementation of biometric clocking systems to monitor and control employees' access to the workplace.

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5 Funeral Cover questions you should ask

 African Bank, loans,2017,funeral cover

Death may seem to some like a far-distant reality. “It happens to other people, but it won’t happen to me,” is a phrase far too many people believe.

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Organisations must review security controls

Recent incidents have highlighted the need for all companies and organisations to review the safety and security of their data and their IT systems, as standard approaches no longer protect against myriad vulnerabilities, an expert says.

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