5 reasons you should upskill your employees

Many employers feel like the people they hire should already possess all the skills they need to get the job done. And that’s 100 percent true. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t acquire new skills as they work for you. You may think they should do this naturally in their own time, but, just like you, employees need to have work/life balance.

You may also be under the assumption that giving your employees the opportunity to upskill themselves will only make them more attractive to headhunters. But, so what if it does? If your employees are committed to your business, they’ll want to stay. So, in case you need some convincing, here are five reasons why you should upskill your employees right now.   

You’ll easily be able to promote from within

There are few things more difficult as an employer than going through the hiring process. Especially if you’re looking for someone to fill a senior role in your business. You have to go through countless CVs and interview the few who actually make the cut. And you’re also likely to find yourself sitting in far too many meeting rooms interviewing people who are clearly not cut out for the job.

Have you ever experienced someone speaking absolute nonsense for an hour while you’re certain you’re not going to hire them? And that’s not the end of it, you also have to send out those tiresome emails letting people know that you will not, in fact, be making them an offer. Even when you do find someone you feel will be perfect for the position, you know they’ll still need some training.

Even though they have the skillset, they won’t know how the business operates or the various processes that the job requires them to complete. So, why wouldn’t you rather promote from within? Your current employees will know everything they need to know about the business as well as the processes needed to get things done. They also already have the respect of their peers and you know they work well with your other staff members. If you upskill your employees, you’ll know you have someone ready for a promotion if a senior position becomes available.

Your employees will reward your investment with loyalty

As previously mentioned, you may think that if you upskill employees, they’ll find it easier to find a new job. But the truth is that they’re less likely to want to leave if they feel they are growing and learning each day. If you invest in your employees and offer them the opportunity to acquire new skills, they will feel more loyal towards you and your business. People want to grow in their careers and if you offer that, why would they want to move on?

Employees will be able to help out when another employee is overworked or unavailable

Have you ever experienced that panicked feeling when an employee is booked off for two weeks? Or when a valuable employee finally decides to take those leave days they’ve been saving? Well, if you upskill other employees, they’ll be able to pull together to perform the missing employee’s work. It can be as simple as someone having report writing skills, even though it’s not part of their official job description. Simply having employees around who can fill the gaps when someone with a very specific job title is away will make your life a whole lot easier.

You can’t be late on deadlines for clients just because one person is ill. You need to be able to deliver on promises in order to retain clients. And, of course, you can’t do all the work yourself. You also can’t expect an overworked employee to handle every aspect of their job when they have too much work. Simply having another staff member who can step in and take one task will make all the difference.

Your staff members will never be bored

Nothing inspires employees to look for a new job more than plain old boredom. Expecting your employees to do the same thing day in and day out will leave your business with an exceptionally high staff turnover. And you don’t want that. Unless, of course, you love going through CVs and sitting through many, many interviews, which you most likely don’t.

And that’s why giving your staff the opportunity to upskill themselves is a great idea. They’ll constantly be learning and therefore never be bored.  

Most importantly, you’ll have a more skilled workforce What’s better than being able to inform potential clients that your staff is highly skilled in a variety of areas. You’ll be able to offer work that you may previously have not been able to. Which means you’ll make more money. And isn’t that what business is all about?

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