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Occupational Health & Safety, and Employee Wellness. Occupational Health and Safety has become a highly specialised area with important legal responsibilities and implications. The function is not always part of the human resource management role, but is intricately related to human resource functions, and particularly to the area of risk management. The areas of employee health and wellness and employee assistance programmes are newer areas of human resource management, having developed over the last few decades. Particularly in challenging modern environments where it is difficult to find skilled personnel, paying attention to retaining well-functioning employees and reducing risk becomes a strategic human resource issue.

What is the impact of the Facebook data breach?

The millions of Facebook profiles analysed by Cambridge Analytica constitute one of the biggest breaches of personal information to date.

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Legalising dagga creates a minefield in the workplace

South Africa seems to be following the trend in the United States to legalise cannabis.

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Christmas and end-of-year events: a right to party?

There is no requirement in any South African labour legislation, including the Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995 and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 75 of 1997, that an employer must host a Christmas party or provide an end of year function for employees.

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Work related back disorders driving absenteeism

Work-related back disorders are a significant and increasing problem in office workplaces the world over and a major contributor to rising absenteeism.

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Have your fire safety obligations run away with you?

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With the recent factory fire in Durban, employers are reminded of how quickly a burning building can translate into tragedy and destruction. The fire broke out at a wax production facility south of Durban in late March 2017, and continued to rage for three days.

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Poor air quality in the office is a productivity killer

People who work in poorly-ventilated offices with higher levels of indoor pollutants and carbon dioxide (CO2) have significantly lower cognitive functioning which severely damages their productivity.

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Three keys to cultivating a happy work environment


Creating a happy working environment is critical to productivity, employee satisfaction and profitability.

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Occupational Health and Safety - draft Ergonomic Regulations

One of the key issues for human resource practitioners is providing a safe and secure working environment.

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Staff get a taste of BON hospitality

The HR team at BON Hotels are often complimented for their creative and original ideas in their approach to staff incentives and training.

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What can be done about SA's absenteeism rate?

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Reports that South Africa’s decline in global competitiveness can be attributed to a combination of absenteeism through sick days and presenteeism as a result of workers who are present but non-productive, demonstrates the importance of instituting wellness programmes.

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