Legal Background to Contracts

'I quit': Can an employee avoid dismissal through resignation?

You can’t fire me, I resign!” sounds like something one of Harvey Spectre’s clients might say. But if your employment relationship is not in Hollywood, but South Africa, what would the legal position be in respect of resignation to avoid dismissal?

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How private is communication in the workplace?

The European Court of Human Rights has recently considered the issue of whether employees have a right to privacy in terms of their private correspondence in the workplace.

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How valuable is background screening to the retail industry?

Fraud and violence in the workplace are serious threats to business stability and can be significant in retail environments where, daily, employees have direct access to customers, commodities and cash.

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New and amended labour legislation

There is no doubt that organisations will struggle to come to grips with the new and amended legislation regarding Temp & Contract Employees AND Equal Pay for Equal Work.

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A new dispensation for non-standard employment

From midnight on 31 March 2015 a new dispensation kicked in for employees on fixed term or part time contracts and for clients who employed the services of labour brokers (called temporary employment services in the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995).

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The call that came too late


A matter which has sparked much debate over the years is that of the Vodacom Please Call me case, in which former Vodacom employee Nkosana Makate sued the mobile telecommunications company for remuneration in respect of the Please Call Me concept.

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