Disciplinary Issues

Automatically unfair dismissal has major impact on SA’s labour force

During this time of economic uncertainty, businesses are leaning heavily on their workforce to ‘ride the storm’ and emerge stronger.

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Interdicting disciplinary proceedings

When should the Labour Court prevent an employer from exercising its right to take disciplinary action against employees?

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Employers not following LRA in managing discipline

Ignorance of the Labour Relations Act (specifically Schedule 8: Code of Good Practice: Dismissal), combined with a lack of relevant skills and issues with enforcement are among the challenges faced by employers in managing discipline.

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The dismissal process

When does a dismissal take place and what must be shown to prove that fact?

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Disciplinary action taken against 77 Sars officials

Disciplinary action, SARS, employees,management,

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) says it will continue to retain the highest levels of institutional integrity to protect the tax system against abuse.

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Alcohol at work calls for disciplinary action

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When an employee is under the influence of alcohol in the workplace the employer may, in the absence of satisfactory evidence by an employee as to his alcohol dependency, proceed by way of a disciplinary hearing for misconduct.

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What you don't know can harm you

employee, fraud,theft,stealing, workplace,

Research has shown in excess of 80% of serious frauds committed against an organisation are perpetrated by an employee, either alone or in collusion with other employees.

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