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Restraints of trade: What you need to know

A restraint of trade is a provision in a contract of employment that (typically) provides that after termination of employment, the employee is restricted in the work he can perform in that he will be restrained from performing similar work i

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Parental Leave: A pending new entitlement as a minimum term of employment

Currently, South African employment laws provide minimum entitlements to specified leave types for all employees, such as annual leave, sick leave, family responsibility leave, and unpaid maternity leave of four months for female employees.

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The need for business policies on paper

Budding entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates when starting a new company. Between looking for funding, setting up the business, and looking for staff members, there’s a lot going on.

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Is it compulsory for employees to be medically tested?

Whether an employer can rely on a clause in an employee’s contract of employment in terms of which the employee agrees to undergo medical testing when required by the employer to insist that the employee such undergo medical testing.

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More businesses adopt a tough stance on sexual harassment

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More businesses adopt a tough stance on sexual harassment Johan Botes, Partner and Head of Employment and Compensation at Baker McKenzie in Johannesburg More businesses are adopting a tough stance on sexual harassment.

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Organisations should be informed before embarking on retrenchments

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A tough economic climate continues to see numerous organisations restructuring and implementing retrenchments in an attempt to streamline operations and increase profitability.

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Managing inappropriate staff behaviour on social media

To manage an organisation’s reputation and ensure that it is not associated with any controversial, discriminatory or damaging (legally, financially or otherwise) views, it is vital to keep an eye on what employees are putting out on social media platforms.

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Restraints of trade: a useful guide for employers

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A restraint of trade is an agreement between an employer and an employee, or a provision in an employment contract that restricts an employee from entering into employment with a competitor of the employer, or establishing a business in competition with the employer, for a spe

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Who is entitled to a 13th Cheque?

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Is an employee employed on a fixed term contract entitled to be paid a 13th cheque where his contract does not provide for one but there is a practice and procedure of paying a 13th cheque to all other employees?

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Restraint of Trade: The good, the bad and the ugly

A subject that is mired in misunderstandings, wishful thinking and bad market intelligence is the issue of a Restraint of Trade.

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