What is HR?

What is HR?  What is the definition of Human Resource Management?  The birth of human resource management practices can probably be traced back to the industrial revolution.  Prior to that people had worked at home-based crafts, or as travelling craftsmen, or in agriculture.  The creation of work in factories meant that the relationship between management and employee needed to be managed, time-keeping records kept, and large payrolls had to be processed.

Employee Wellness Month: Benefits vs Bucks

Employees are increasingly seeking customised benefits to suit their unique needs The traditional remuneration and benefits model has shifted significantly over the last few years, with more people viewing quality of life as paramount – and not just as measured by the size of

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DHL Express lauds employees as cornerstone of success

In a network business like DHL Express, it is imperative that a culture of motivation is inculcated among employees so they will deliver superior service to our customers.

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Consider these aspects in the recruitment process

We often hear that employees are the most important resource in your company, they can either add value by being productive and creative or create more work by being counter-productive. 

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Changes and dangers in labour law

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The Constitutional Court and other senior courts have made a number of crucial decisions during 2017.

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The binding nature of collective agreements

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Whether a collective agreement concluded between a majority union and an employer, but extended to a minority union, can prevent the minority union from engaging in strike action.

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Is your workplace at risk of hacking?

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The past few years have seen an increasing trend in the implementation of biometric clocking systems to monitor and control employees' access to the workplace.

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Alternatives to dismissals - Labour Court gives view on employer's duty

The issue of when an employer may explore alternatives to retrenchment with its employees has been plaguing employers, trade unions, employees and South African courts for decades.

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Employment of foreigners

Recently former Home Affairs Minister, Malusi Gigaba, announced that the Department of Home Affairs will move to punish employers who employ persons with illegal documents or no documents, instead of focusing on prosecution of undocumented employees.

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5 Funeral Cover questions you should ask

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Death may seem to some like a far-distant reality. “It happens to other people, but it won’t happen to me,” is a phrase far too many people believe.

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8 things to do when a new employee arrives

Hiring new employees is something every business has to do at some point. Whether it’s because the business itself is growing or a current employee has decided to move on. In both cases, the hiring process is never easy.

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