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CRS Technologies, a leading provider of HR & Payroll services and solutions, is one of a growing number of businesses that support the Payroll Giving South Africa initiative.

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The Employment Tax Incentive is a Human Resource Issue

Many Human Resource Managers - like many small business owners - don't see anything to do with tax as their area of expertise or interest.  Mention the word tax in an email and it will be forwarded to the Payroll Department, the bookkeeper or the accountant.

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Employment tax information for Africa

While Employment Tax reporting ended 31 May in South Africa and the country can take a breather, other countries on the continent are preparing for tax legislation changes and year-ends in June.

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Join the 2014 annual payroll and tax seminar


The annual budget speech delivered by the Minister of Finance is often viewed with a healthy dose of foreboding by payroll administrators across the country.

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Will new employment tax incentive cause hiring bias?

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Government has welcomed the adoption of the Employment Tax Incentive Bill, which is aimed at reversing the high levels of youth unemployment.

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Reduced retirement charges could double pensioner's benefit

The National Treasury says pensioners could get more when they retire if retirement income charges are reduced.

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How to help indebted employees with garnishee orders

Many employees are weighed down by debt, which results in stressed workers and leads to low morale and productivity in the workplace. David Brown shares his advice on what employers can do to alleviate some of the stress caused by massive debt.
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Challenges arising from Garnishee Orders

 With food and petrol prices on the rise, South African consumers are increasingly feeling the strain and resorting to credit and loans to buy both big ticket items and necessities, leading to escalating debt.

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Payroll force gathers momentum in SA

With more than 40% of payroll in Africa being conducted through South Africa, and $173 billion of business being conducted per day globally, the payroll industry is becoming all the more significant.

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Relaxation of the accrual principle to simplify payroll administration

In one of the most significant changes to employees’ tax requirements in decades, the accrual principle is proposed to be relaxed for variable remuneration items such as commissions, travel payments, overtime and bonuses.

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