Payroll & Employee Benefits. In many smaller organisations the payroll personnel fulfill many of the human resource management functions. Most employees who wouldn’t remember the names of all the management staff will know the payroll personnel and seek them out for advice on a broad range of personnel issues that fall within the human resource management profile, including employee benefits. In larger organisations with well-developed employee benefits, managing these benefits becomes a highly specialised field requiring legal and taxation knowledge.

Improved rewards programmes crucial to employee retention

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According to a recent survey conducted by Accelir, the solution to the lack of employee engagement companies are currently experiencing is through improved rewards and recognition programmes.

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Join the 2014 annual payroll and tax seminar


The annual budget speech delivered by the Minister of Finance is often viewed with a healthy dose of foreboding by payroll administrators across the country.

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Maternity leave that benefits all

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Employees who are on maternity leave can increase the workload for the rest of the division and in certain situations it is not viable to appoint a temporary employee.

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Will new employment tax incentive cause hiring bias?

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Government has welcomed the adoption of the Employment Tax Incentive Bill, which is aimed at reversing the high levels of youth unemployment.

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Learners empowered through HR training

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CRS Technologies has rolled out a series of basic training modules in HR and payroll for learners at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth.

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South Africa’s maturing payroll market bodes well for economy

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Payroll in South African businesses has grown and is stealing a great deal more of the corporate limelight than has been the case in the past.

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World-class HR and payroll developed locally


South African businesses do not have to invest in international products to get to the latest and top quality technology for HR and payroll says Sandra Swanepoel, Sales Director at Sage VIP. 

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Demystifying the Protection of Personal Information Bill

The Protection of Personal Information Bill,  will place significant obligations on most individuals and juristic entities, including employers.

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The business sense behind one provider for all functionality

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Experts within the HR and payroll administration say that from a business operational point of view, it makes a great deal of business sense to drive critical applications through a single service provider.

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Keeping South African HR standards in focus

In light of the introduction of the first-of-its-kind formal HR standards in South Africa, devised by industry and the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), CRS Technologies, a leading local provider of HR & payroll services and solutions, has launched its iSight online e

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