Managing People

Seamless talent management critical in business

Businesses will have to work harder to align their reward & remuneration process with that of their nomination/talent management capability if they are to secure and retain the services of highly qualified and talented personnel.

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What happens when employees cause damages?

Is an employer entitled to make a deduction from an employee’s salary for damages? Here are the requirements for effecting lawful deductions arising out of damages caused by an employee's negligence.

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The importance of setting realistic employee targets

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Are your targets realistic? A dismissal can be deemed unfair if an employee's performance was measured against unrealistic targets. Employers should consider all the factors before making a decision to dismiss an employee.

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Exploring employees right to strike over issues of health and safety

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Is it lawful for employees to challenge health and safety measures set in place by the employer, and are health and safety measures taken by an employer “matters of mutual interest” over which employees can collectively bargain and have the right to strike?

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Cultural beliefs cannot be ignored in the workplace

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Can an employee who has a genuine cultural belief that she should attend a training course unrelated to her work or suffer illness, even death, be dismissed for misconduct if her application for leave was rejected by her employer and she refused a direct instruction to return

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Employment equity should not bar appointments

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While employment equity is important it should never be regarded as an absolute bar to the appointment and advancement of non-designated employees according to a recent labour court decision.

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Defining fixed term contracts for projects


Employees are often employed in terms of fixed-term contracts for the purpose of completing a specific project.

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Talent management is a C-suite priority

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As global competition and declining markets squeeze margins, the search for talent is becoming a top priority of the executive team.

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Alcohol at work calls for disciplinary action

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When an employee is under the influence of alcohol in the workplace the employer may, in the absence of satisfactory evidence by an employee as to his alcohol dependency, proceed by way of a disciplinary hearing for misconduct.

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Security provisions in LRA amendments

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The Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 will soon be amended by the promulgation of the Labour Relations Amendment Bill. One of the significant changes the Bill will introduce relates to the review of arbitration awards in the Labour Court.

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