What is HR?

What is HR?  What is the definition of Human Resource Management?  The birth of human resource management practices can probably be traced back to the industrial revolution.  Prior to that people had worked at home-based crafts, or as travelling craftsmen, or in agriculture.  The creation of work in factories meant that the relationship between management and employee needed to be managed, time-keeping records kept, and large payrolls had to be processed.

When can employers impose short time?

Can an employer unilaterally impose short time on employees in circumstances of financial distress?

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Who is entitled to a 13th Cheque?

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Is an employee employed on a fixed term contract entitled to be paid a 13th cheque where his contract does not provide for one but there is a practice and procedure of paying a 13th cheque to all other employees?

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Staff get a taste of BON hospitality

The HR team at BON Hotels are often complimented for their creative and original ideas in their approach to staff incentives and training.

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Warning about bogus company approaching companies about COIDA

Department of Labour Acting Compensation Commissioner Vuyo Mafata issues warning about bogus company claiming to administer COIDA compensation fund.
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Restraint of Trade: The good, the bad and the ugly

A subject that is mired in misunderstandings, wishful thinking and bad market intelligence is the issue of a Restraint of Trade.

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The Employment Services Act now effective

Employment Services Act Purpose
By a Proclamation of the South African President, the Employment Services Act 4 of 2014 (ESA) came into effect from 9 August 2015. The ESA falls under the Minister of Labour and provides for public employment services. What effect will this Act have on the workplace and how will it affect the lives of human resource practitioners?
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“We are illiterate” - Three Critical Words quoted in the Farlam Commission Report on Marikana

The Farlam Commission Report has been criticised from a number of perspectives, and it has clearly failed to address the expectations of the bereaved relatives. However, there are also questions to be asked from a human resource management perspective. This article examines questions the impact of low levels of literacy and numeracy.
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Who to consult during a retrenchment exercise

During a contemplated retrenchment exercise, an employer has a legal obligation to consult with parties that might be affected by the retrenchment based on operational requirements of the employer.

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Why ‘workforce visibility’ is a term of endearment

Workforce visibility is corporate speak for direct employee engagement and alignment, and according to HR and Human Capital Management (HCM), if implemented correctly, can be a positive force for growth within a business.

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