What is HR?

What is HR?  What is the definition of Human Resource Management?  The birth of human resource management practices can probably be traced back to the industrial revolution.  Prior to that people had worked at home-based crafts, or as travelling craftsmen, or in agricultural.  The creation of work in factories meant that the relationship between management and employee needed to be managed, time-keeping records kept, and large payrolls had to be processed.

The changing face of labour legislation

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The recruitment industry is undergoing significant changes, driven in part by the direction that labour legislation has taken, according to Nritika Singh, MD of Isilumko Staffing (IS).

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Services SETA Vacancies

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA), a statutory body established in terms of the Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act 97 of 1998), invites applications for the positions hereunder:

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E=MC2 Relativity Theory and Culture of Learning

Make no mistake I am no expert mathematician but I've been interested in aligning the world of maths, science and Human Capital development for some time now, especially in our own South African context.

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Making payroll count


CRS Technologies, a leading provider of HR & Payroll services and solutions, is one of a growing number of businesses that support the Payroll Giving South Africa initiative.

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Employment Equity Good Practice Code spotlights HR policies

The Employment Equity Code of Good Practice requires Human Resource management practitioners to understand company legislation, international obligations, as well as the traditional HR territory of policy and procedures, remuneration and benefits, and job evaluation.

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The Employment Tax Incentive is a Human Resource Issue

Many Human Resource Managers - like many small business owners - don't see anything to do with tax as their area of expertise or interest.  Mention the word tax in an email and it will be forwarded to the Payroll Department, the bookkeeper or the accountant.

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Exploring the transfer of employees


To what extent, if any, can employees be transferred from one employer to another in circumstances where an outsourcing arrangement is terminated with one service provider and another outsourcing arrangement for the provision of t

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Disciplinary action taken against 77 Sars officials

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The South African Revenue Service (Sars) says it will continue to retain the highest levels of institutional integrity to protect the tax system against abuse.

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What is the relationship between education, skills, and employment growth?

Education Economy and Society

The objectives of the Skills Development Act include increasing productivity and international competitiveness, and to support this effort under the Department of Labour South Africa has the Productivity Management Institute.  After nearly 15 years therefore if this is a

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Do you want a lover tonight?

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So what would you do if a business colleague at an off-duty dinner said the following to you after dinner: “Do you want a lover tonight?” Would this statement merely be an inappropriate comment – or conduct that constitutes sexual harassment?

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