What is HR?

What is HR?  What is the definition of Human Resource Management?  The birth of human resource management practices can probably be traced back to the industrial revolution.  Prior to that people had worked at home-based crafts, or as travelling craftsmen, or in agricultural.  The creation of work in factories meant that the relationship between management and employee needed to be managed, time-keeping records kept, and large payrolls had to be processed.

Can an employer alter a decision in a disciplinary hearing?

May an employer overturn the decision of a chairperson of a disciplinary hearing if it believes the chairperson’s sanction was too lenient?

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Skills Development Act Regulations – two sets are currently relevant

For those new to skills development it is sometimes confusing and difficult to find out how employers should participate. Many employers know that it is possible to gain a refund of part of the skills levy they have paid, the question is how to achieve that refund. The Skills Development Act itself doesn't provide all the necessary information because critical information is found in the Regulations issued under the Act. Currently two sets of Regulations are important to participating employers. This article explains.
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What is to be done about human resource management today?

“What is to be done” is the title of a novel by Nikolai Chernyshevsky, first published in Russia in 1863 and later used by Vladimir Lenin. The novel is generally accepted as being highly influential in a period when people – including women - were flocking to the cities to find work. It created new ways of seeing life – new ideas about how life could be lived. At this time in South Africa, when so many young people are leaving rural life to try and find work in the cities, should human resource management practitioners not be upping their game to take account of the needs and the potential of these young urbanising workers?
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Can video recordings be used as evidence?

In terms of section 138(1) of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 ( as amended) ("The LRA") A "Commissioner may conduct the arbitration in a manner that the commissioner considers appropriate in order to determine the dispute fairly and quickly, but must deal with the substant

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HR, payroll integration at the heart of business development

To grow a business and be successful, it is crucial that the HR and payroll administration disciplines are linked.

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Make your workforce management solution work for you

The ability to effectively manage labour and all the relevant data that goes into documenting employee activity is down to what solution a business has in place.

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Labour Relations Amendment Act: Bottom Line Impact for Employers

The Labour Relations Amendment Act 6 of 2014 has come into effect. It will significantly change the way South African employers do business with regards to employing people. The changes will push up costs of doing business with labour brokers.

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Labour unveils inaugural Employment Equity Awards

Department of Labour unveils inaugural of the Employment Equity (EE) Awards System to recognise employers embracing the spirit of Employment Equity In recognition of the employers that are doing their best in implementing the Empl

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Payroll efficiency:It’s all down to the solution

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The payroll discipline is a critical facet of any business operation. It can make or break a business and, as such, technology is designed to help users gain full control over resources and instil efficiency.

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The Labour Relations Amendment Act 6 of 2014

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It is anticipated that the Amendment Act will come into operation on 1 January 2015.

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